Dear Colleagues,

About 15 years otokorkuluk systems and road safety, which is a thought of the work of the Association for Tod steel; ALKA, GONVARRI ÇEPAS SHORT SAFEROAD, TU-RA, was established officially on July 2, 2014 under the leadership of firms YIMTAS barren and became operational.

In our country, who is a representative of Tod's new spirit of togetherness and cooperation;and road safety systems operating in the domain otokorkuluk steel industry primarily in the area of interest you want want all manufacturing, Assembly, aims to collect corporate organizations in sectors with companies close under a roof carrier.

Quality and applications to be brought on a common platform, it is very important role in the establishment of Tod, and now problems in a single, centralized solution that will find it is assessed.

New designs will be performed with the common wisdom that primarily aims to produce, the products achieve the international standards established by evaluating and testing centers to be developed with brands to create the world.

Most of our people who want to safely transport highways with the rights of citizenship to meet this demand perfectly natural, the only method is manufactured in accordance with international standards.

Continuously trained and motivated to work in a peaceful and secure environment and effective human resource and ultimately perform in accordance with the standards enable maximum production;all existing processes from sales to Delivery, customer and employee-oriented, we must have to manage the truth.

Best regards...

Başa Dön