public and private sector organizations working in the field of road safety systems and steel otokorkuluk systems, private sector companies, trade and industry, trade unions, associations, and chambers, higher education institutions, consumer organisations and other NGOs and road safety otokorkuluk steel systems involving public and private law legal persons can sign up for real people with Tod.

Types Of Membership

Tod's membership types are shown below:
Principal Membership: completed the age of eighteen and legally competent ( capacity to act ) that consists of public and private legal entities with real people.
Foreign real persons to be admitted to Membership, you also must have the right to settle in Turkey.
Legal entities are represented in Tod would authorize a delegate that range.
Applications are true and adopted by the Board of Directors of the legal persons, have the status of a principal member.

honorary membership of the Association: to contribute with ideas and suggestions, providing vizyonerlig sectoral experience and consists of real people that can be utilized. By the Board of Directors for honorary Membership upon their application are considered. Honorary members. Be actively involved in all the work of the Association; all activities without paying the price benefits; entrance fees, membership dues, etc. you don't make the payments. Honorary members do not have voting rights in the General Assembly and elected to the Board of Directors

General Admission Requirements For Membership

the necessary prerequisites for the initiation of natural and legal persons are as follows.
The real and legal persons who wants to be a member of the Association should act in matters specified below: found activity related to transportation systems, public institutions, municipalities, nongovernmental organizations, and
Large and small scale systems that operate within the scope of otokorkuluk steel and road safety product/service companies with research and development, Quality Improvement, standardization, patent and consulting firms
Road, rail, public transport, traffic and the companies which are engaged in the field of transportation industry,
Logistics and transportation companies
Vehicle manufacturers
Representatives of higher education institutions and academic institutions.

should give undertaking of acceptance of the provisions of the Bylaws of the Association. Which will be determined by the General Assembly and accepted “the principles of business ethics” must agree to comply with. Except for public institutions with legal person entrance fee for membership of the Association the income and expenditure activities possible on the conditions of accession to the basic must accept their share. Current membership for the membership of a member by a legal person, except for public institutions to be offered is required. The activity is included in the category according to the type of candidate members reported themselves to accept change, since it is also the decision of the Board of Directors and must fulfill all obligations to act in accordance with this category.

The rights and obligations of members

according to the purpose of the members of the Association and act in line with the objectives of the Association working
Dues (and if) the participation payment,
(If requested) for obtaining the necessary certifications for the duration of this certificate and the membership Membership rights are not lost
Carry out the decisions of the Association in accordance with the procedures,
The aims of the Association are to your own products and services with their obligations in ensuring that the standards can be included.

Membership Procedures

the candidates stating their acceptance of the terms of the provisions of these Bylaws and carry Membership “ Membership application form” to fill in and present to the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors or a committee to be established after review that are made about the candidate through the Board of Directors within 30 days from the date of the application and evaluate its application for membership the candidate of its decision, in writing, notifies.

upon acceptance into Membership by the Board of Directors of the candidate registration process is performed. First entry fee with all of the annual dues.

Withdrawal From Membership

each member of the Association a written resignation to the Board of Directors from the membership by informing can be separated. COYD than the date the notification was made is recorded as the date of departure. Defectors from not paying dues Membership remains in debt.
Removal from membership or termination of membership
The realization of one or more of the following situations spontaneously Membership ends.
After losing the qualities you look for in these Bylaws or by law for membership,
Subsequent loss of the qualities that are needed for membership in the relevant legislation;
For membership sought for in this Regulation qualifications will be accepted by the Board of Directors based in whole or to the extent that the loss later.
COYD’ s dignity movement and gestures,
To comply with the decision taken by the organs of the association, or the tasks to be deposited procrastination constantly,
Dues reminder notices, and are not paid for two consecutive years,
Removal from Membership,
The liquidation of the Association
The bankruptcy of the member,
Of insolvency,
Concordat demand
Lose the capacity of members to act,
More than 6 months of the member's activities or management completely in case of suspension will be accepted by the Board based can be realized to the extent that can be specified.

Termination of membership and appeal procedures

my decision to expel a member of the Board of Directors after the investigation secret ballot and a two-thirds majority gives the result to the member in writing reports. Removed member may appeal in writing to the General Assembly through the Board of Directors. The appeal shall be decided and discussed at the first General Assembly meeting. The member's failure to appeal within time or objections are not accepted in the General Assembly deletes the record of the members of the Board of Directors.
Against the decision of the General Assembly of members of the annulment of the decision by the court reserves the right to request.
Owes dues
Except in the event of death, termination of membership dues of the member's debts in the event the Board of Directors failed to pay all legal remedies may apply.

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